European and Scandinavian mattresses sizes
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Bedroom sets from Italy, France, The United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, Spain, as well as any of the Scandinavian countries all require special sized mattresses.

Things to consider when measuring/considering your European or Scandinavian Bed:
Measure the existing mattress (if you have one) and the bed frame/structure your mattress will be resting on.
Do you need a box foundation? If so measure the existing box. If you don’t have a box, measure the frame the box will be resting on.

How high do you want the overall bed to be? This depends on what kind of frame you have, what kind of headboard you have, and personal preference.

What kind of frame do you have? Mattress support is very important. We suggest you take a picture of your bed frame so we can see what kind of support you have. If you need more support, or if you need a box foundation, we’ll advise you on what’s best for your mattress, your back, as well as your furniture.

If you’re looking for a European or Scandinavian size mattress, call us to make an appointment. We can visit you and take the measurements ourselves if needed.

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