Mattresses for Waterbeds
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Got a leak? Does your room smell moldy and humid? Or maybe you’re tired of getting seasick while you’re asleep? We can replace your waterbed with a regular foam or spring mattress.

Things to consider when measuring/considering your waterbed frame:

When measuring your waterbed, do not measure the existing waterbed mattress, measure only the space the mattress will rest in.
How high is the waterbed frame?
How high do you want your mattress to be?
Take a picture of your waterbed frame to show us.
If your waterbed is round it’s important to measure the diameter with another person.
What kind of support does your waterbed frame have?

If you’re looking to replace your waterbed with a mattress, call us to make an appointment. We can visit you and take the measurements ourselves if needed.
We do not make mattresses with water in them.

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